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TELLURIS Worshop, July 2018

"Create, compose and play instrumentally with his virtual musical instruments"

Dates : July 14th and 15th, 2018
Duration : 2 days (14h)
Location : Grenoble
Cost : 480 €

 Registration open   from March 12, 2018 to July 06, 2018


Virtual reality course for musical creation with TELLURIS software and realtime

The instrumental technology TELLURIS developed by ACROE allows to program any existing or existing non-existent instrument structure, to program the game modes, to play as a real instrument, with the gestural quality required for the creation artistic and musical, as well as to sensibly feel the sensitive behaviors under the fingers and in the hands.



Playing with virtual musical instruments TELLURIS


• What is the instrumentality in the field of digital musical arts? How to reintroduce a real instrumental game?
• Techniques to learn to see the visual movement for itself.
Introduction to techniques
• Positioning in the landscape of interaction techniques in the digital musical arts
• Presentation of the principles of the virtual instrumental realities of the creation tool TELLURIS and functionalities for its manipulation
• Illustration on examples
Practical work
• Work by pair or individual work, according to preference
• Exercises for performing movements elementary
• Exercises of discovery of the relation between the form and the movement: the use of MIMESIS for the formation of the dynamic gaze: to learn to "see" the movement behind the form; learn to "train him".
Collective works
• Presentation and collective analysis of practical work
• Computers with TELLURIS software
• Software documentation
• Examples of virtual instruments that can be manipulated in real time
Claude Cadoz, software designer, research engineer, artist in musical arts
Nicolas Castagné, developer-software developer, teacher-researcher
One-time speaker : Annie Luciani, research engineer, visual artist
Number of participants :
Limited to 12 participants

Who is the workshop for?

Level : GENESIS expert