Dedicated instrumental simulators

A dedicated instrumental simulator is a computer platform designed in optimum conditions for a specific task :

  • a physically-based modelling tool for the task's objects
  • an user interface allowing interactive design of the given task
  • a real-time simulator with a force-feedback gestural system
  • a video and an audio tool

Instrumental simulators can be dedicated to :

  • produce complex and expressive sequences of sounds, images or command gestures : instrumental (performance) and gestural animation, musical interpretation and play
  • learn complex or hazardous manual tasks : surgery, limited-access site intervention (planetary, nuclear, industrial, transportation, ...)

ACROE creates prototypes dedicated to real-time simulators based on TELLURIS with the following features :

  • real-time infrastructure adapted to the computer hardware
  • task-specific multisensory physically-based models
  • morphologically task-adapted gestural transducers
  • perfect optimization of video and audio processes

To bow genuinely a virtual string : the instrument player can feel the resistance and the deformability of the string as well as the bow's friction.  The string and rosin models were designed with CORDIS-ANIMA.

©ACROE 1991 - Author : Jean Loup Florens - Program : CORDIS-ANIMA (see products)

Virtual hand-animated puppets :
Physically-based model of coupled puppets, and real-time animation.

©ACROE 1984 - Authors : A. Luciani, A. Razafindrakoto - Program : CORDIS-ANIMA (see products)

Grasping and guided transportation of elements in constrained environments
Physically-based models of manipulated objects, pliers and maze.
The user feels the objects as well as the guidance and the walls' resistance.

©ACROE 1996 - Author : Ali Bouzouita - Program : CORDIS-ANIMA (see products)