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GENESIS is a software tool whose purpose is designing in a user-friendly and interactive environment CORDIS-ANIMA models dedicated to musical and acoustic use. It gives the musician or acoustician the possibility to experimentally and empirically design sound-producing objects and instruments as well as to define the ways in which these objects and instruments can be played.

With GENESIS, the musician :

  • Designs the instrument by placing on a blackboard physical elements chosen from a toolbox, such as : inertia, elasticity, viscosity, ... according to an adequate arrangement for the desired sound effect.
  • Determines the instrument's physical parameters which will define its timbre or dynamic properties.
  • Determines the methods for making the instrument vibrate : plucking, percussion, rubbing... And observes its acoustic deformations on a 3D image.
  • Defines the way in which the instrument is to be listened to.
  • Finally records and listens to the produced sound.

The instrument can be rather simple, such as the percussion surface above, or complex :  the assembly of various interacting instruments, representing a complete sound environment, fractures, changing of state, ...

Some examples of the models created with the GENESIS program are available in the