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ACROE proposes a set of physically-based interactive models which are ready to use and configure according to the user's needs. These models are available on request.

Sound and Music Models

Instrument models, installation configurations and sound and musical effects.

  • Physically-based models of vibrating objects (shapes and materials)
    Strings, membranes, shells, air streams, large objects, heterogeneous materials.
  • Physically-based models of excitators and methods of producing vibration
    ​Bow, plectrum, reed, hammer, felts, dry friction, rosin-rubbing, dynamic percussion
  • Physically-based models of dynamic behavior
    Fractures, stress, propagations, multiple excitations ...
  • Spatialisation
    Spatialisation of instruments and acoustic installations, acoustic diffusion

Image and 3D Animation Models

Models for ordinary and original objects and phenomena necessary for the design of animated 3D scenes and interactive dynamic behavior.

  • Physically-based models of rigid objects
    Vehicles, puppets, mechanisms, manufactured objects.
  • Physically-based models of deformable objects and transformations
    Fabrics, skin-tissues, shells, fluids, pastes, granular materials, bricks, fractures.
  • Physically-based models of natural phenomena
    Smoke, liquids, wind, sand, natural-looking rigid surfaces, sandy or plastic surfaces
  • Physically-based models of dynamic group behavior
    Agglomerates, sedimentation.
  • Complex and deformable shape visualization
    Implicit dynamic surfaces for highly fluctuating shapes (fire, smoke, ...)

Multi-Sensorial Models

Tactile object and phenomenon models, for force-feedback design.

  • Tactile effect creation
    • Perception of inertia, rigidity, deformability, rubbing...
    • Perception of collisions, obstacles
    • Perception of grasped and moved objects
  • Real-time physically-based models of gesture-image-sound scenes
    • Force-feedback menus,  force-feedback rough-terrain vehicle driving
    • Instrumental animation and motion capture models
    • Models for musical instrumental play, improvisation and  interpretation
    • Models for tactile restitution of recorded gestural sequences
  • Physically-based sensor models for integration in physical scene
    • Sensors for force, presence, position, movement, speed, ...

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