Software environment: CORDIS / TGR

Plugin interface with the computer system

The force-feedback systems of the TGR (Retroactive Gestural Transducer haptic device) product range can be connected to computers via standard digital interface cards :

  • VME card : for connexion with ONYX Silicon Graphics stations, Power Challenge, (...) running under IRIX system
  • PCI card for connexion with Octane/IRIX Silicon Graphics stations, PC/Windows-NT, Macintosh/OS-Mac

Basic software environment : CORDIS - TGR

The basic CORDIS-TGR haptic environment includes:

  • low-level protocols that depend on the host computer and manage the real-time and the synchronization protocols. If the required performances concerning real-time and synchronization are important, direct intervention on the host-machine and its operating system may and sometimes should be carried out. These protocols manage multi-frequency processes.
  • the programming software for the TGR system's mechanical behavior : inertia behavior, viscosity and elasticity behavior, isotonic behavior, isocline behavior,  contact with 2D or 3D canonical shapes (circle, sphere, surface line, rectangle and parallelepiped). The physical and geometrical parameters are accessible to the user.
  • the tools and protocols for calibrating the TGR system.

Complete modelling and physical simulation environment

The CORDIS-ANIMA program is a complete modelling and interactive physical simulation environment, which allows the user to design his own physically-based models and simulate the desired behaviors. It is compatible with the basic ERGOS-RV software environment, is extensible, and comes as a 1D, 2D, or 3D physical primitive library, and allows any assembly of these primitives respecting the CORDIS-ANIMA syntax formalism (cf Products, Usage-dedicated software). CORDIS-ANIMA is implanted on the Silicon Graphics (mono- or multi-processor) family of processors .

Services and training

ACROE can develop on demand specific physical behavior software:

  • additional primitives for physical behavior, for either CORDIS-TGR or CORDIS-ANIMA, not included in the standard package.
  • Specific and optimized implementations of the CORDIS-TGR or CORDIS-ANIMA software.

ACROE also offers training in physically-based modelling and TGR system use.


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