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MIMESIS Workshop, July 2018

"Create animated virtual objects"

Dates : July 11th, 12th and 13th, 2018
Duration : 3 days (21h)
Location : Grenoble
Cost : 380 €

 Registration open  from March 12, 2018 to July 06, 2018


Computer animation course, motion design and virtual choreography with the software of the MIMESIS suite

The MIMESIS software is an interactive modeler that allows the user, whatever it is, to build his own physical models generating movements from the basic elements of the CORDIS-ANIMA modeling and simulation language.

This language implements the basic principles of physics in the form of modules that connect in a network: inertia, interactions, principle of action - reaction.

More information on MIMESIS software


Formatting :
What is an art of visual movement? What could it be with the computer? What is the place of the body, the material and the gestural manipulation in the dynamic imagination?
Techniques to learn to see the visual movement for itself.
Introduction to techniques :
Positioning in the landscape of visual computer creation techniques
Presentation of the principles of the MIMESIS software and functionalities for its manipulation
Illustration on examples
Practical work :
Work by pair or individual work, according to preference
Exercises for performing movements elementary
Exercises of discovery of the relationship between form and movement: the use of MIMESIS for the formation of the dynamic gaze: learning to "see" the movement behind the form; learn to "train him".
Collective works :
Presentation and collective analysis of practical work
Amenities :
Computers with MIMESIS software
Software documentation
Examples of virtual instruments
Supervision :
Annie Luciani, software designer, research engineer, visual artist
Nicolas Castagné, co-developer and co-designer of the software, teacher-researcher
One-time speakers: Daniel Barthélemy, visual arts and multimedia artist, and Bénédicte Adessi, performer choreographer
Number of participants :
Limited to 12 participants

Collective sessions, common to the two GENESIS and MIMESIS workshops, will allow the exchange of learning and results. This will allow people to have a cross-disciplinary view of the twin discipline, musical arts and / or visual and physical arts.

Who is the workshop for?

This training is accessible at all levels :
—    Beginner without prerequisites except knowing how to handle a standard computer ;
—    Intermediate having already had a basic practice of the MIMESIS software ;
—    Expert with MIMESIS practice confirmed.