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GENESIS Worshop, July 2018

"Create and compose virtual musical instruments"

Dates : July 11th, 12th and 13th, 2018
Duration : 3 days (21h)
Location : Grenoble
Cost : 380 €

 Registration open  from March 12, 2018 to July 06, 2018


Computer music course with the software of GENESIS music creation environment.

The result of three decades of cutting-edge research at ACROE, GENESIS is a new type of music creation software that addresses both sound synthesis and composition through physical modeling technology. It makes it possible to create an immense variety of virtual instruments, but also to simulate real instrumental ensembles.

> More information on the GENESIS software


Formatting :
Philosophy of Digital Musical Instrumental Creation
What can become of the process of musical creation in the digital context?
Create and compose the instrument and / or create and compose the sounds it produces
Wear or be carried away by discoveries in the creation of virtual instruments and their combinations?
Introduction to techniques :
Positioning in the landscape of computer-generated music creation techniques
Presentation of the principles of GENESIS software and functionalities for its handling
Illustration on examples
Practical work :
Work by pair or individual work, according to preference
Exercises of realization of virtual instruments elementary
Exercises to discover the composition of virtual instruments
Better listen to the sound and the instrument by the cooperation in their visualization
Collective works :
Presentation and collective analysis of practical work
Amenities :
Computers with GENESIS software
Software documentation
Examples of virtual instruments
Supervision :
Claude Cadoz, software designer, research engineer, composer
One-time speaker : Giuseppe Gavazza, composer, teacher
Number of participants :
Limited to 12 participants

Collective sessions, common to the two GENESIS and MIMESIS workshops, will allow the exchange of learning and results. This will allow people to have a cross-disciplinary view of the twin discipline, musical arts and / or visual and physical arts.

Who is the workshop for?

This training is accessible at all levels :
—    novice people, who have never been confronted with the concepts and software tools of ACROE ;
—    people of intermediate knowledge, who in have a first convenient ;
—    more expert people, who already have a confirmed practice.