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Research in Gesture and Multisensorial

Researchs are under the direction of Claude Cadoz, Annie Luciani, Jean-Loup Florens ( —2014) and Nicolas Castagné.

The following researchs make part of the corpus "Real-time instrumentarium" started in 2012. They group previous works on real-time modelling and new works triggered by first works on MSCI projects prototypes.


60 models for "Real Gestures on Simulated Mater" ("Gestes réels sur matière simulée") and "Amplitude" artworks.

Frictions, collages, multiple collisions (in collaboration with Néel Institute, EESI, CCSTI and Cité des Science de La Vilette, ANR Instrumental Creativity, artist Daniel Barthélemy and choregraph-performer Lisa Denkler, phd students Ali Allaoui and Maria Christou).

Creation of videography interviews corpus, textually transcribed and annotated.

Real-Virtual-Physical-Cooperation models and study of Real / Virtual physical cooperation (in collaboration with post-Phd E Berdahl CCRMA Stanford)

Experiments on collborations bewteen visual and musical models (A. Luciani, C. Cadoz, M. Christou, O. Tache, N. Castagné)

Experimental study on human-object interaction, resulting in the first functional models from the haptic hand-interface whole considered as a unique dynamic system (Phd student D. Herrera, in collaboration with A. Voda GIPSA Lab., contract Cible Région Rhône-Alpes)

Bowed strings models and phychophysics studies questioning instrumentality concept (in collaboration with McGill, Phd student S. Sinclair, contract ANR Créativité Instrumentale)

Real-time complex scenes transport-input models (in collaboration with Institut Néel, contract ANR PIANHO)

12 models of harmonic or non-harmonic vibrating structure with 12 force-feedback stimulators (Phd student James Leonard)

Plucked strings, bowed strings, paddeball, damper, wind instruments

Various stimulators : percussions, output mecanisms, plectrums, frictions...