♯AST 2011

Art, Science and technology creations in Grenoble by ACROE-ICA

AST 2011 can be summed up in creation workshops experience, artworks exhibitions cooked in our laboratory for concerts and art installations, reflexion on important topics in contemporary Art — Science — Technology during symposiums and debates.

Every 4 years, the ACROE organizes a public event : international meetings in Grenoble, research and creation works improvements for digital technologies applied to artistic creation. This 8th edition of this gathering, untitled "Art Science Technologie 2011", held from the 28th november until the 3rd december 2011 in Grenoble,  at the Grenoble INP-Phelma School.

AST 2011 resulted in and closed two research programs :

>> The AMBIANT Creativity project— in collaboration with Corfu Ionian University (Greece) and the ZKM, Centre for Art and Media of Karlsruhe (Germany)—organized around 4 activities :

  • a creation activity, with the achievment of 3 art projects lead by young artists, assisted for each sites by an internationaly renown artist or scientist (Grenoble July 2010, Corfou nov. 2010, Karlsruhe February 2011, Grenoble November 2011)
  • a pedagogic and thought activity, arranged around 4 workshops for each partners (Grenoble February 2010, Corfou May 2010, Karlsruhe March 2011, Grenoble November 2011)
  • a scientific and artstic activity aimed to analyse mutations of the creation process fostered by new digital technologies
  • a dissemination activity of theorical and practical experiences grasp during #Art Science Technologie european symposium in Grenoble

>> The CREATIVITE instrumentale project (instrumental creativity) : an engaged conversation on creativity and new technologies between ACROE-ICA, McGill University of Montreal and the Ecole Européenne Supérieure de l'Image d'Angoulême - Poitiers (Higher european school of image of Angoulême - Poitier), on the studies of mutations of creation processes in time instrumental arts— which are musical arts, dynamics visual arts and choreographic arts in the realm of information technologies and communication.

The project's key topics were :

  • Instrumentality and writing : a new connexion at work today ?
  • Can dematerialization statement of "virtuals" tag objects be overtaken, without reducing new creative potential of computer tools ?
  • The new relationship with the creation process, made more observable and describable by digital technologies.

These issues have become materialized in techniques disposals and art installations which the public played, experimented and immersed during the #Art Science Technologie 2011 event.


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Pieces presented for the event.