Supervisors: Claude Cadoz
Contributors: Olivier Tache (engineer), Jérôme Villeneuve (PhD student), Audrey Pellissier et Adrien Vidal (trainees)

Objectives and contexts

The activity of research for musical creation first focuses on modelling using CORDIS-ANIMA formalism: modelling creating the sound phenomenon by digital simumation, modelling creating complex sound architectures, both scales being accessible thanks to the masses-interactions paradigm. To a second level, it also relates of concepts and tools elaborated to lead the modelling process. GENESIS is at the core of this activity: a tool for modelling and the repository for new concepts developped previously for modelling. First, in 2012, followed severals open ways these last years, particularly to the benefit of the functional powerness growth of GENESIS. Secondly, Jérôme Villeneuve's PhD work initialized the "inverse problem", a high point leading to his thesis' defence in May 2013.