Supervisor: Annie Luciani

Contributors: Maria Christou (PhD), Amel Achour Benallegue (AST Master Degree), Lynda Slama (AST Master Degree)

Objectives and context

After introducing complex interactions (non-linear functions, plasticity, sharp friction), a major step has been achieved regarding resetlement —in a generic and modular way in MIMESIS' library— of every developed models made for severals previous thesis works using dedicated algorithms (plasticity, sharp friction, vehicle on sand, fluids, granular materials, crowd amid works by S. Jimenez — thesis 1993, B. Chanclou — Thesis 1996), and developing new models. They now make part of the standard pedagogic and creation environment. This rewritting enables to confirm new non-linear interactions algorithms: attraction and repulsion including severals thresholds, plasticity, sharp friction, cohesions with irreversible fractures. These models are part of Mathieu Evrad's thesis, defended on September 2009. Ali Allaoui's thesis, defended in 2010, enables to introduce for the first time parameters controls modules tested on models. Maria Christou's thesis, explores person-environment interaction in the interactive virtual world. Finally, Kevin Sillam's thesis, achieved on December 2011, enables to conceive again the "engraved screen" process and lead to the creation of 50 models showing many possibilites of this generic in-picuture method of the movement. The Master Degree training followed by Amel Achour Benallegue enables to launch analysis in cognitive sciences on the shape-motion interaction.