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Claude Cadoz

Claude Cadoz_imgClaude Cadoz is a research engineer of the French Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication. He leads the ACROE, association he created in 1976 with Annie Luciani and Jean-Loup Florens, in which he is reponsible for the scientific and artistic program untitled "Musical and multisensorial arts". He also co-manages the Grenoble-INP ICA laboratory with Annie Luciani.

He conceived the GENESIS software, a new type of music creation interface, tackling sound synthesis as well as composition thanks to physical modelling technology.

Besides, he developped a library of model instruments named "Instrumentarium", which is today fed with about 10, 000 models.
Claude Cadoz initialized the virtual reality field as soon as 1975 with his works on physical modelling for sound synthesis and computer gestural interactions. He was the creator, with Jean-Loup Florens, of the first gesture feedback devices in 1978, inventions on which he is the co-author of two patents. Creator and headmaster of the Art Science Technology master degree of Grenoble INP-Phelma, he manages and supervises numerous thesis and research internships.

Claude Cadoz wrote and contributed to a wide range of scientific publications and books relating topics such as computer as an art creation tool, computer music, sound synthesis by physical modelling, the gesture role in human-machine interaction... For instance, he published for the French Flammarion book house, in the "Domino" collection, Virtual Realities [in French, Réalités Virtuelles].

Claude Cadoz' music works are a direct application of his research, exploring sound synthesis methods and physical modelling composition.



His pieces :


2007 — Gaea

2002 — Pico..TERA

1993 — Esquisses