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Annie Luciani

Annie Luciani is a research engineer of the French Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, director of the ICA laboratory, for which she is responsible for the visual dynamics arts field. She co-manages the ACROE with Claude Cadoz.

She made scientific studies at the former electronic and radio-electricity school of Grenoble from 1969. She was already interested in artistic creation, especially to animated films.

Her research work began with computer animation, and more broadly with digital visual arts, in 1976 for the ACROE.

At the very begining of her work in 1976, she brought about the paradigm of physical modelling for animated images, which she was then one of the first to experiment. The mass-interaction concept that she found with her colleagues, resulted in many software realizations : modelling and simulation CORDIS-ANIMA, the first interactive modeler phisicaly based ANIMA to the today's modeling, simulation and physcial visualisation software tools MIMESIS and Gravure Dynamique. She also introduced, at this same period, the concept of instrumental insteraction for visual arts, for which she developped with her colleagues technologies such as ERGOS gestural force feedback systems, real-time simulation and multisensory virtual reality platforms TELLURIS and ERGON X.

She supervised numerous thesis and research internships, on retroactive physical modelling for dynamic visual arts. She teaches a course, "Technolgies for dynamic visual arts" for the Art, Science, Technology master degree of Grenoble INP.





2009 — Mouvements

2007 — Micro-Mouvements

2001 — Mémoires Vives

2000 — Esquisses (1990), «Communication», en collaboration avec Marek Zborovski

1998 — Images pour la chorégraphie «Lettre Capitale» de Joel BORGES

1990 — Artifices 1 «Gestes et Mouvements»