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Science & Technology Research

ACROE-ICA research concerns instrumental arts of time : musical arts, visual arts and choreographic arts, all considered in the same gesture, for themselves and jointly.

These researchs are tackled from the perspective of "instrumentality".

Transposed into the context of digital technologies, it creates a double synergy : one between the concerned arts, yet also bewteen bipolar tensions within each ones, such as bipolarites play / writing, thinking / action, between what is a matter of kairos (καιρός), the moment, and which is a matter of chronos (χρόνος), the time.

This synergy and transposition assume new, bold and cutting-edge research and technological developments in various fields :

  • in the field of interactive devices (haptics)
  • real-time simulation process architectures, modelling tools and methods (constructivist modelling by physical models)
  • perceptive and cognitive tests, or education : this is why it regards research for artistic creation.

The research for art, or on the means of creation in the making or that will, is tightly linked with technological development : it depends on the technological situation of a time and its forecast. Deprived from the artists' hands by the industrial revolution, the information revolution is back in the forefront, with the scheme for art to take back its technical lot, as subtrate of its own mutations.

Such researchs and theorical developments, technological and artistics are long running activities.

The design and objectives of the group since its creation in 1976 have been clearly established :

  • in research : perseverance in the long run ;
  • in technological development : reach the professional robustness of new devices ;
  • in creation : producing artistic creations regularly, by a small amount yet targetted, well supervised and structuring.

Researchers, engineers and/or artists pursue these researchs, but artists, interns, Phd students and Post-doc student can be part of them. Leaders of these researchs have dual-skills : scientific and artistic on a specific field (musical arts, visual arts, choragraphic arts).