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Master Speciality
Art, Science, Technology
Master Information, Cognition and Learning
Institut National Polytechnique / Université Joseph Fourier
Université Stendhal / Université Pierre Mendes France


Claude Cadoz established in 2003 and manages the Master degree specialty AST (Art, Science, Technology) of the Master degree IC2A (Engineering for Cognition, Creation and Learning) with four Grenoble higher education and research establishments : Grenoble INP, Université Joseph Fourier,  Université Pierre Mendès-France, Université Stendhal.


Main objective

Digital and Computer Technology have introduced powerful building and conceptual tools for artistic creation and allowed new fundamental dimensions for exploring art, whether concerning object nature and content (musical, visual, multimedia), or object design. This implies new ways for research and development, in which scientific and artistic work are done hand in hand. This training is aimed at students with strong background in engineering sciences, computer technology, physics, signal processing, etc... and who wish to acquire the scientific and technological knowledge and methodology for musical and visual creation.

Career Openings

  • PHDs
  • Research (computer technology and artistic creation)
  • Education (academies, art schools, conservatories,  training  institutions for artistic professions)
  • Training of qualified specialists for musical, visual, multimedia, and e-learning creation
  • Art development

Courses teached by members of the team within the AST speciality :

  • Claude Cadoz : "Technologies and Processes of Musical Creation"
  • Annie Luciani : "Technologies of Dynamic Visual Arts"
  • Claude Cadoz, Annie Luciani, Nicolas Castagné and James Leonard : "Interactive Virtual Reality"
  • Jerôme Villeneuve and James Leonard : "Advanced Programming for Interactive Creation"
  • Nicolas Castagné : "Computing : Structured programming - algorithmic"


Download the AST master brochure here.


For further information, please look at the AST Master's webpage.

Contact : Claude.Cadoz [at] - Telephone : +33 (0)4 76 57 46 69