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Scientific & technical TRAINING

ACROE-ICA intervene in master courses on Computer Technology, Signal Processing, Acoustics and Digital Imagery.


  • Master AST (Art, Science, Technologie) - Grenoble INP/UJF/UPMF/U-Stendhal - Grenoble - France

See the "AST MASTER" description

  • Research Master degree ATIAM (Acoustique et Traitement de l'Information Appliqués à la Musique) - France

Involvment of the group in universitary training, out of research formation :

  • Physics lab works with MIMESIS software in CIME Nanomonde platform for first year university students
  • First years group projects and lab works "Image/sound/AST", in relation to the group's topics, within Grenoble INP-Phelma School
  • Computer music teaching for the UPMF degree in Musicology (Grenoble) and for the Master degree RIM (Producer in Computer Music) of St Etienne