Achievements | 2012

Engineering for artistic creation

Interactive modelers initialisation on real time simulation plateforms

  • GTR project — GENESIS-Temps réel
  • MSCI upgrading for modelers-simulators for Instrumental Creativity
  • TELLURIS and ERGON_X tools are now part of this project

Revision and upgrading of CORDIS-ANIMA3 simulation engine

  • Rewriting CORDIS-Off  and CORDIS-In simulation engines to lay the foundations for the following simulation engine CORDIS-ANIMA3
  • Specification and first integrations of funcrional modules : MCP modules for parametric change, MAC modules for structural change
  • CPT modules for capture, OBS modules for observation

Towards the finalization of MIMESIS5 and GENESIS merge

  • The new version of the software MIMESIS, conceived from the GENESIS implamentation on the generic platform started in 2011 is being finalized
  • Developments will enable a functional merging of the two softwares

GENESIS' didactic environement

  • Boosting development on GENESIS3 pedagogic environement

Applied researchs for artistic creation

Applied researchs for musical creation

  • From the sound effect to the model: first results

Applied researchs for visual creation

  • Shape-movement duality: first results

Applied research for instrumental creation

  • First multisensory instrumental models


  • Publication of the book Intsrumental Creativity — Ambiant Creativity, including 3 theorical texts by the group ACROE-ICA