Achievements | 2011

Engineering for artistic creation

  • Realisation of real time multisensory simulation GAMMA consoles 24 keys
  • Ongoing the project "New simulation engine" CORDIS-ANIMA3
  • Ongoing the multiplatform implementation of MIMESIS5
  • Finalisation of the first version of the software Gravures Dynamique1
  • Studies for the generation of shapes with the software MorphoMap
  • First exploration of externs entries signals on GENESIS3
  • Ongoing standardisation, reliability and securing operations for the softwares MIMESIS, GENESIS, Real time

Applied researchs for artistic creation

Computer science and musical creation

  • The inverse problem in sound synthesis and musical creation through mass-interactions networks
  • A new level of complexity in GENESIS' models — Huge and complex structures : METAGEN, RUGOS, Composition and spatial projection
  • Didactic environement for GENESIS, website, handbooks, pedagogic cards and maps, educative process

Computer science and visual creation

  • Study of the interaction shape - motion

Multisensory systems applied for creation

  • Installations of " Geste réel sur matière simulée" and "Amplitude"
  • Coordination with arts and choregraphy
  • Bowed strings
  • Cooperation with McGill Unviersity, Montreal, Québec, Canada
  • Coordination images and sound
  • Intern coordination
  • RVPC — Real / Virtual
  • Cooperation with Stanford's CCRMA, USA

Theorical studies: causes representation as a creation activity for time instrumental arts.

Visual creation

"Kinesthetic art and Visual arts : Contributing to the Emergence of a Dynamic Visual Art" (« Art kinesthésique et art plastique : Contribution à l’émergence d’un art visuel dynamique ») — Annie Luciani

  • Foundations for a visual art of motion

"From real to simulated matter: new outlooks for visual arts through transduction and information technologies" (« De la matière réelle à la matière simulée : De nouveaux champs ouverts aux arts visuels par les technologies de la transduction et de l’information ») — Annie Luciani

  • New perspectives for visual arts through modelling technologies and simulation

Musical creation

" Supra-instrumental interactions and gestures" —  Claude Cadoz

  • Merging the instrumental gesture and the compositional gesture, as part of modelling tools and causes simulation.

" Instrumentality, writting, digital technology and musical creation process: towards a post-scripting musical creation process" (« Instrumentalité, écriture, technologie numérique et processus de création musicale : vers un processus post-scriptique de la création musicale ») — Claude Cadoz

  • A theorical learning on the evolutions and contemporary mutation of the musical writting

Invited theorical studies

"On the tracks of the instrumental play in audiovisual arts" (« Sur la piste du jeu instrumental dans les arts audiovisuels ») — Jean Gagnon

  • On the troubles introducing instrumentality in visual arts

"Mapping strategies" — M. Wanderle

  • On information technologies

"Vision and pervasion" (« Vision et pervasion ») — Jean Cristofol

  • On new visibility concepts spread by locality representation technologies

"Art as phenomenology of the digital: from calculation to artistic exploration " (« L’art comme phénoménologie du numérique : du calcul à l’exploration artistique ») — Bruno Bachimont.

  • Creation through calculation

"Methods change and orientations in education and pedagogy in visual arts" (« Mutations des pratiques et orientations dans l’enseignement et la pédagogie dans les arts plastiques ») — Daniel Barthélémy

  • Introducing modelling and multisensory simulation technologies in art schools


Contractual and collaborative projects

Nanomanipulateur project

  • Openning towards other modelling and simulation systems

"Study of the human-being / object coupling" project

  • First human-being/object coupling modelling attempt

"Instrumental Creativity" ANR project

  • First art installations based on instrumental interaction

"Ambiant Creativity" project

  • Formalisation of three art residencies and artworks creation

"DYNAMé" project

  • Theorical and technological founding principles of the relationship between spatial shape and motion

Art Creation, Pedagogy and Valorisation

Creation and research workshops

5 GENESIS workshops

  • Openning at the CNSMD in Lyon, CRR in Nice, Louis Lumière University in Lyon, ZKM audience in Karlsruhe (Germany) , Corfu University audience (Greece), University of St Etienne, Art School of Cardiff (UK)

1 MIMESIS workshop

  • Openning at EESI, Art School of Reims and Art School of Grenoble-Valence

Art residencies

  • 3 music residencies, 7 months and 3 pieces
  • 1 visual art residency, 3 weeks


  • 8 pieces

Art and science event organised by the ACROE-ICA: #AST2011 in Grenoble

500 peoples, France, Canada, Greece, Germany.

3 thematics symposiums: 6 invited lecturers

  • Instrumentality and writting: a new union?
  • From the artwork to its creation process?
  • A future for visual arts?

Symposiums "Art Science Technology": 4 lecturers

Roundtable: Research in the Arts / Research for the Art / Research on Art

3 concerts: 16 pieces

1 exhibition: 5 pieces

4 workshops:

  • 1 GENESIS initiation workshop
  • 1 GENESIS master class workshop
  • 1 MIMESIS workshop
  • 1 SuperCollider workshop

Teaching, Dissemination and scientific and industrial Valorisation

Awareness operations

  • 15 teachers from the sencondary with DAAC "Stage Vaucanson"