Achievements | 2008

In 2008,  a new version of the software GENESIS available on standards platforms for the first time (Macintosh, PC, Linux, Windows) is launched. This new version, with three decades of research and development behind as well as a decade of full-size experiments on specific devices, is to enter in 2009 a new phase of dissemination to artists, teachers and trainers.

Regarding haptic devices and multisensory simulations, TELLURIS station now simulates three-dimensional models including retroactive gestural transducers of 6 degree flexibility. An important path to manipulate complex geometrical scenes.

Three thesis defense occured in the doctoral speciality Art, Science, Technologie prepared at the ACROE and ICA laboratory:

  1. Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos' thesis, co-supervision of Athenes University, on theory and practice of musical sound tranformation with physical models
  2. Olivier Tache, on the realisation of an instrumentarium for musical creation with CORDIS-ANIMA physical models
  3. Damien Couroussé, on the realisation of a haptic processor unit for real time multisensory simulation platform.

These three thesis were very well received for their great quality and the important work of research and achieved experiments by the jury, including high rank worldwide specialists.

When quadriennal project Enactive Interface was achieved on the 31st December of 2007, Annie Luciani established the "European Institute of Enactive Systems" virtual laboratory in February 2008, prolonging the Enactive Interface project. Annie Luciani presides it, and ACROE-ICA laboratory are founding members aside 7 partners of the Enactive Interface's network.

Finally, the group established the Art-Science-Technology platform in 2008, with the help of Grenoble INP group. This platform combines high tech equipements and competences: as soon as 2009, it will be the place for educative and creative actions in collaboration with regional, national and international computering and artistic creation groups.