Achievements | 2007

Engineering for artistic creation

  • First test of the new platform TELLURIS
  • Realisation of 6 platforms ERGOS
  • New version of MIMESIS set up at the Superior School of Image ESSI of Angoulême-Poitiers.

Research for artistic creation

  • GENESIS and MIMESIS models arising the creation of 8 new artworks.

Pedagogy, creation, outcomes

  • 4 artworks created by ACROE-ICA members, showed at Enactive 07 / Enaction_in_Arts
  • 8 artworks produced with ACROE-ICA tools, showed at Enactive 07 / Enaction_in_Arts
  • Organisation of Enaction_in_Arts in November 2008: 2 concerts, 2 exhibitions.
    • Targeted audience: 2,500 people.

Research and developments for extern applications

"Hands in the nanoworld" (« Les mains dans le nanomonde »), at the CCSTI, the Cité des Sciences de La Villette, at the CERN. About 10,000 people.

Enactive Interfaces:

  • Realisation of four turnkey demos showed at the exhibition "Touch the future" ("Toucher le futur")
  • Publication of the book Enaction and Enactive Inrerfaces : an handbook of terms by A. Luciani and C.Cadoz

Training, outcomes

  • Organisation of the 4th symposium on Enactive Interfaces
  • Organisation of Enaction_in_Arts symposium
  • Targeted audience: 200 people, 20 countries.