Achievements | 2005 - 2009

2005 — 2009 is a key period: many projects were coming to an end with tangible programmed, prepared and long awaited results along with long lasting researchs and technological developments led very precisely and rigorously and planned for many quadrienals.

Each activites described in the summary below ends with a tangible result: machinas, models, films, music... Here are some samples:

ERGON_X portable multisensory haptic simulation platform

TELLURIS haptic multisensory physical models simulator has been embedded on a DSP card with analogical / digital fast and precise converters.

  • Group's demonstrators fit in a card and are portable new HMPU concept, Haptic and Multisensory Unit
  • With the group's force-feedback structure technology, it makes part of the ERGON_X range hightech integrated haptic simulation platforms, portable and configurable
  • Realisation of 7 prototypes

GENESIS and MIMESIS porting / new version of GENESIS

In June 2009 remarkable realisations showed in important symposiums and to a profesional audience closed the porting operation called "GENESIS and MIMESIS softwares on a conceptual basis and common programmating on various standards platforms" launched in 2005.

  • Creation a new language with patend deposit : PNSL V1 language Physics Network Scripting Language
  • Launch of the new version of GENESIS software, named GENESIS3 ou G3
  • Assessment on highly complex physcial objects (more than 50 000 masses)

A standard format for gesture and signal movements

  • Achievement of a generic standard format, the Gesture and Motion Signal (GMS). It is a low level and stage independant format, allowing cooperation between various movements capture platforms and visual and sound simulation.

Applied research for artistic creation

  • Validation of the concept "physical model for music composition" through an awarded piece
  • High expressive quality danced movements
  • Complex models including important non-linearity

European project Enactive Interfaces

  • EIES creation, European Institude on Enactive Systems and presidency of this structure


  • Establishement of a new PT on the nanomonde platform of the CIME-Nanotech

Artistic creations

  • 15 created pieces: 5 by renowed international artists and 6 by group's members including 3 selected for international artistic events.

Enactive 07 event / Enaction_in_Arts / Toucher le futur

To close ReX Enactive Interfaces and the 30 of ACROE-ICA creation, the group organised in Novembre 2007 a significant scientific, artistic and cultural event:

  • Enactive 07 symposium : 250 attendees, 80 countries
  • Scientific and Technical culture "Touch the futur: 30 researchs stand all public accessible, more than 1000 persons, traducers, with 42 Phd students
  • Artistic event "Enaction_in_Arts": 30 selected contemporary and innovative art creations, 250/450 persons for each concert and 900 for the interactives installations.

"Expo Nano" itinerant exhibition

Sylvain Malière's thesis (February 2006) resulted in the realisation of a demonstration place within the itinerant exhibition "Hand in the nanoworld" ("Les mains dans le Nanomonde") realised by the CCSTI of Grenoble and Cité des sciences et de l'industrie of La Vilette: Grenoble (2006-2007), La Villette (2007-2008), Paris (2008), Athens (2008), Bordeaux (2099).

  • 200 000 visitors from Septembre 2006 to December 2008

Industrial valorisation

  • Dissemination of 15 softawres

AST platform, Art-Science-Technology

  • Launch of the implementation of Art, Science, Technology platform within TSA platform (Advanced Signal Processing) at Grenoble INP.


  • 1 art project awarded at the Forum Monaco Danse (Fluente by C.M. Hsieh)
  • 1 artwork nominated for the International Electroacoustic Prize of Bourges (Gaea by C. Cadoz)
  • 1 artwork nominated for the ICMC 2009, International Computer Music Conference (Miroirs by C.M. Hsieh and A. Luciani)

Publication of two books

  • Annie Luciani and Claude Cadoz. Enactive Interfaces : an handbook of terms, 200 pages book. November 2007
  • Annie Luciani, Guest editor, Journal of New Music Research ; Special Issue « Enaction and Music ». September 2009.