Achievements | 2003

Tools and Concepts development

Specification of a new SMI (Interactive Multisensory Platform) platform — Supervisors: Annie Luciani, Jean-Loup Florens, Claude Cadoz

  • Specification of a new platform in concern with technical needs for research and dissemination
  • Test programs developing and tests on targeted device and architectures

TELLURIS simulator developing — Supervisor: Jean-Loup Florens

  • Specification and assessment of real time input/output cards for force-feedback systems: DSP architecture, programming, new cards testing (TORO card)
  • Studies of the TGR (Force-feedback transducer device) controls electornic cards
  • Parallelisation of simulation processes

Developing a range of retroactive gestural transducers — Supervisor: Jean-Loup Florens

  • Realisation of the generic mechanical interface enabling to connect a wide range of mechanicals morphologies at the basis of actuators — slice sensors: conical ball joint
  • Realisation of a 6D control stick
  • Realisation of 5D bow
  • Realisation of 2*8 slices of piano keys type

GENESIS: development of the interface for musical creation — Supervisor: Claude Cadoz

  • Nicolas Castagné's thesis defense
  • F. Motteau: Developing an action triggering sequencer in GENESIS (supervised by N. Castagné)
  • D. Melaye: Advanced physical parameters editor in GENESIS (supervised by N. Castagné)
  • O. Le Blouch: Developing online help for the creation of GENESIS models, optimisation of the simulation execution of GENESIS models (supervised by N. Castagné)

MIMESIS: development of the interface for visual creation — Supervisor: Annie Luciani

  • Nicolas Castagné, research engineer and developer of GENESIS, is from now on in charge of the software as regards his new function as IT development supervisor
  • Making MIMESIS software reliable
  • Specification and first tests of a software architecture enabling the most general wrapping, under the interactive control of the user, of any physical datas through geometric and visual models

CHEOPS project — Haptic Communication and Simulated Physical Objects

    ACROE took part in the RNTL (National Network of Software Technologies) project CHEOPS, coordinated by ICA laboratory. This project has 5 parts:

    • TGR, a range of gestural force-feedback transducers
    • TELLURIS, real-time multisensory modeler-simulator
    • Study of haptic method
    • Art and multimedia creation
    • Force-feedback nano-manipulator

    6 partners are involved in this project: ICA laboratory (Grenoble INP), LPE laboratory (UPMF), LEPES laboratory (CNRS Grenoble), ACROE, France-Telecom R&D Grenoble, United Parts France.

    Guests lectures

    • Guests lectures at NIME, Montréal, May 2003
    • Guest lecture at the international conference EUROHAPTICS, Dublin, July 2003

    European projects

    Following two proposals "Expression of Interest" in June 2002 on the initiative of the team "Kinesthetics" and "Gulliver", it takes part in writing two european projects proposals for the IST (Technical and Scientific Institute of the CNRS, National Center for Scientific Research) in June 2003:

    • Touching nanospace, as coordinator — associate
    • Enactive as coordinator — associate
    • Mukkappa as partner

    Cultural activities

    • Mobile Pedagogic Workshops Network (Réseau d’Ateliers Pédagogiques Mobiles — R_APM): The Mobile Pedagogic Workshops Network is a multi-year project aiming at rising awereness, training, create and communicate by furnishing regional cultural institututions with IT networked platforms for artistic creation thanks to Interactive Multisensory Simulation techniques.

    Creation activities and organisation of events and meetings

    Creation of several artworks in 2003 using ACROE's creation tools, advices or involvment:

    • La Madame au collant rouge ("The Lady with Red Tights") by Etienne Delmas and Pierre Garbolino, screened at the theatre of Marseille La Criée and at the Hexagone in Meylan
    • In the sweet morning, all the dreams are gone, a composition by Peter Torvik, played at the CNRS of Grenoble
    • Tenebrae by Arnaud Petit, played at the 38èmes Rugissants
    • New version of Rhizome by Hans-Peter Stubbe, played at Denmark Days, Paris
    • 3 compositions by Giuseppe Gavazza