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Achievements | 2010 — 2014

Production of a transportable haptic multisensory simulation platform ERGON_X

  • Production of 7 multisensory stations including force-feedback transducers at 4, 8 and 12 flexibility degree

Multiplatforms porting of all laboratory's software : GENESIS, MIMESIS and Gravure Dynamiques.

This operation was a total revising of the softwares allowing the integration of creative innovation caused by the inscreasing powerfullness of models complexity. It encouraged numerous public presentations in significant international symposiums and presentations target for a professional audience.

  • Creation of a new language : PNSL V1 Physics Network Scripting Language,
  • Release of a new version of GENESIS software, untitled GENESIS3 (or G3) in July 2009
  • Release of a new version of MIMESIS software, untitled MIMESIS5 (or M5) in June 2014
  • Release of a new version of GravDyn software, untitled GravDyn2 (orGD2) in June 2014
  • Porting estimation on very complex physical models.

Splicing of interactives modelers on real-time simulation platforms, call MSCI, for the Instrumental Creation Simulator-Modeler.


  • Introduction of non-structural linearity in constructivist physical modelling (split, tearing)
  • Wide vibrating structures models and compositional musical models
  • Real time force-feedback simulation of wide musical models
  • Physico-topological hybrids models for discontinuity modelling such as split, tearing, etc.

Artworks created with ACROE-ICA tools and methods

  • 20 creations
  • 25 projects achieved by the students of the Master Degree Art-Science-Technology (AST)
  • 1 exhibition catalog
  • 26 research and creation pedagogic workshops
  • Very first art installations based on gestural systems and multisensory simulation


  • Travelling exhibition " Les mains dans le nanomonde" ( "Hands in the Nanoworld") receiving more than 200 000 visitors, 2006 — 2012
  • Creation of ERGOS Technologies startup


  • AST platform setting, including two feedback multisensory stations with 12 keys


  • 1 artwork selected for the International Competition of Electroacoustic Music of Bourges (Gaea by C. Cadoz)
  • 1 artwork selected for the international concert of International Computer Music Conference, ICMC 2009 (Miroirs by C.M. Hsieh and A. Luciani)
  • Pedagogic innovation prize at the CETSIS 2010 Congress (8th Symposium on Technologies and Information and Systems Sciences Education)
  • European project EASTN, ranged 1rst over 476
  • Prize of the best poster at the SMART GRAPHICS symposium 2014
  • Fresh researcher nominated at the Science and Music Day ("Journée Science et Musique"), 2014


  • Publication of the book Créativité Instrumentale – Créativité Ambiante (Instrumental Creativity — Ambiant Creativity) including 3 papers on theorical researchs of ACROE-ICA, 4 papers on experimental researchs, and 4 artworks
  • Realisation of a special issue of the Journal of New Music Research
  • Launching of ACROE-ICA's HAL archives